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Morrissey, in Rolling Stone,

October 9th, 1986

“If I was a confused, tortured teenager hearing Panic for the first time, I would burn down a disco, I'd probably assassinate the queen, and I would definitely form a group – called The Joneses."


The Joneses formed October 2016 with Aidan Sheridan and Matthieu Clervoy meeting over the band development platform ‘Join My Band’. They were joined shortly after by Matt Metherell a bassist and Fergus Gleeson a drummer.

Aidan Sheridan ‘Morrissey’ decided to form the band because of a life-long love of their music and the fact that most people who met him said he looked like Morrissey. On many occasions, overseas visitors to London have mistook Aidan for Morrissey, asking for a photograph.

The name, The Joneses was the idea of Matt’s and was agreed to unanimously by the group as a quirky play on the Smiths, something easily remembered by the British public, perhaps not so obvious to the overseas Smiths fans. The band’s first gig was on the 6th May 2017 an eventful gig with Fergus the drummer having to leave half way through the gig to return to his wife who had been admitted to hospital; the band played on with pre-recorded drums.

In there first 24 months The Joneses have played over 40 gigs at 26 venues, they are now gigging all over the UK and planning gigs overseas.  The Joneses have developed a very unique style based on The Smiths live gigs, as opposed to the studio recordings. This introduces a stripped down, dramatic show with nods towards punk and rockabilly genres. This delivers a very lively and engaging show, with performances by Aidan ‘Morrrissey’ recreating some of the highly entertaining antics performed by the original front man, which include wearing tattoos, brandishing and throwing flowers, undressing, rolling around the stage (where space permits) and thrashing about in Morrissey’s very original dance style.

The audiences like The Joneses are dedicated fans of The Smiths and Morrissey and as such fuse together is a sea of singing, dancing and embraces as the gigs progress. Many of the audience join the band on stage playing a tambourine and by default are then become part of the ‘Jones Family’.

The Future

The Joneses have always toyed with the term 'Keeping up with the Joneses' and in the spirit of this term, we are venturing into lands unknown in 2023 with a new project we hope the Smiths fans enjoy............


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